Reblogging anything and everything about 48-family, also anything I feel I want to rebloq..

From Malaysia and I'm still new with 48-family.. New fan here..
i think i'm the only 48 family fans in my area



A farewell song for Chori (And Tani) performed live during the last day of Team H’s Hakata Legend. It’s a sweet song that I feel needs to be shared. Enjoy. :)

Special thanks to KudoShinichi and Mayuyu from AIDOL for their help and advice for this song.

Brought to you by [Half-assed Subs], I do karaoke now.



Biz is MY NekoOshi!  seriously!! *A* 

ビス SO MUCH \(>W<)/

Juri-chan, I envy you in this moment u3u)/

(I love the cats)

Bisu spam!

I just calculate buying theater ver.. and normal ver.. amazingly.. the price is almost the same.. haha.. so better just buy normal ver.. and I no need to wait days by days waiting my friend to sent it.. hmm

I’m thinking to vote a lot of member this year.. agghh my money..

Right now watching SKE48 - Team S 2nd Stage ~Te wo Tsunaginagara~ DVD.. Nyaa… cute kids..


Matsui Jurina’s Adventure Island - A fanvideo by  (@JRN48 )is a Japanese fansite which always campaigns for Jurina in sousenkyo.